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About Us

Sage Time Bags began with a search for strong, stretchy, lightweight, reusable marketing bags that could be easily washed. Bags available commercially didn’t meet my criteria, so I started making hand-knit bags.

As the designs developed, I added internal pockets sized just right for debit cards and openings at the base of the straps that allowed them to be hung on racks at checkout counters. I used 100% upcycled cotton yarn because I care about the environment.

Many bags are made from marled yarn because I like the soft, lived-in look. It also helps hide stains.

Now I make marketing bags to stuff full of groceries, hobo bags to carry a few essentials and small purchases, and water bottle totes for shopping, hiking, theme parks and everywhere else. Choose carefully, because these bags may be the last ones you ever need to buy.

Sage Time’s story in the local paper.

Sage Time Bags: Hand-knit from upcycled 100% Cotton Yarn

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